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We created this web site with only one intention in mind: to provide our clients with direct and immediate access to the various resources and tools we use to serve them. Our site also functions as an extension of ourselves, providing answers to frequently asked questions and linking you to other online sources of important information pertaining to personal finances, taxes, and accounting services.

A Message from Vernon

To all of the clients and friends I have had the privilege to serve and help over the last 20 years: Thank you for  your business and your  loyal support.  Since the early days of the internet many of you have urged me to  'get connected', so in response to your kind reminder, I finally put my practice 'online'.  I have done my very best to  make  this web site comprehensive and  feature-rich, but I know that I will depend on your constant feedback  to make improvements.  Feel free to send me email. Meanwhile, enjoy this site as I have dedicated it to all of you.

New Update!

You can now follow Vernon D Baptiste, CPA on Twitter and we have just launched our new facebook page!You can add us here to post your questions on taxation. You will also receive alerts when we post our newsletters, share relevant articles and much more!

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